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Euler Shepherd

Fleet control at your fingertips

Electrify your fleet while reducing your cost of fleet operations

Euler Shepherd is a mobile application and web platform that gives you real-time updates about your fleet operations.

How It Functions

Euler Shepherd helps you make sense of the data that your vehicle constantly produces. This information can then be applied to manage your fleet operation effectively. From vehicle location to vehicle health, Euler Telematics lets you monitor your fleet and keeps you updated about their minute details.

Our Offerings

  • Real time GPS tracking

    Real time GPS tracking
  • Learning analytics

    Learning analytics
  • Trips and Events

    Trips and Events
  • Geo fencing

    Geo fencing

  • Battery temperature

    Battery temperature

  • Range left

    Range left


  • Breakdown

    You will be notified when a vehicle has broken down

  • Crash/Topple

    In case a vehicle has toppled or is subject to crash

  • Pre-heating of battery

    In case the vehicle battery is getting pre-heated

Driver Notifications

The Driver Monitor Console helps you keep a check on reckless driving and other activities. It keeps track of speeding, seat belt usage, severe acceleration and unnecessary idling.

So you can take necessary steps to ensure their safety.